House Cleaning


I have some concerns. I prefer cash. But, I will 
accept payment through Paypal. I will send you an email from Paypal and you can try to pay a partial payment in that way. 

From what I have seen, I believe the $4000 to $5000 will cover our work, although I have not seen the other bathroom.
I must charge $500 for the first bathroom. I ask $350 for the toilet and $150 for the floor debris; it is infectious, if not biohazardous.  
I will leave that bathroom until last and I will clean it on the final day, but without Chris present. I would like $500 cash on arrival for that cleaning.
I am also sending a receipt for the $400 that you have paid to date. Receipts will follow future payments.

In the meantime, I will need you to pay ahead of work Tuesday with cash or by Paypal. Please pay $800 by paypal before Tuesday morning or with cash when we arrive, if you care to move forward.  

Again, you will have an email from Paypal with which you can make the $800 payment toward the full cost.

Eddie Evans, January 12, 2020




Estimate cleaning fees for cleaning at Tarzna residence, $4,000 estimate low fee to $5,000 estimated high fee as of January 12, 2020..

Paid to date: $400

Due on or before 14 January 2020, $800 toward low and high fee.

Note: I estimate a 6 to 8 hour day on Tuesday, January 2020.


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