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Control knob: water vapor and clouds work as feedback loops in the climate system. Estimates indicate that water vapor accounts for about half of the greenhouse effect while clouds account for about 1/4 of the greenhouse effect. Carbon dioxide accounts for roughly 20% while other greenhouse gases account for about 5%. We must keep in mind that carbon dioxide as a life expectancy of 200 to 300 years while in the atmosphere and up to 1000 years for roughly 25% of this gas.

Antarctica ice sheets Wilson (1964), p. 148; he pointed out that buildup of the Antarctic ice sheets was one of the few features of the Earth with a time constant that might match the long Milankovitch periods, Wilson (1969).

Polar ice rapidly disappeared in the 1930s as shown by semi empirical research

Upward convection of heat
Hogbom's contribution:
glaciation from the rising of mountains
floating ice melt will not change the level of C rise
solar maximum
ice free Arctic Ocean would lead to more snow near the ocean (based on observations of 20th century warm years) and that this could lead to onset of glaciation.

CIS is an excellent insulator so that air over the ices tends to degrees colder in winter than if the air were exposed to the water.

Ice Instability

Hurricanes: a trend detected for greater storming us in the North Atlantic by about 50% was detected for the 2050s in the US.

Winter warming to be seen more than in summer and their indication it's happening now.
Effects are less seen in the Antarctic cruise thick ice cover is not easily changed. It's climate is largely influenced by surrounding ocean currents. Warming has been seen in the Antarctic Peninsula. Arctic warming is increased by the transport of heat inch energy and moisture carried from lower altitudes. As I stands it becomes a greater conductor of heat from the Arctic Ocean into the air.

Polar sensitivity
circulation rather than radiation effects predominated in the Arctic warming.
I sheet dynamics






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